Explore the charming village of Árskógssandur and the tranquillity like nowhere else.

When visiting Árskógssandur, you’ll discover a rare sense of calm and serenity that is often hard to find nowadays. This charming village, home to around 100 residents, is located along the coast of Eyjafjörður fjord, with only a 30-minute drive from Akureyri. Árskógssandur also serves as a ferry port to the beautiful island Hrísey – a must-visit for everyone.

The history of Árskógssandur

Árskógssandur used to be a vibrant fishing village around 20 years ago until the implementation of the quota system in Iceland that resulted in ownership of fishing vessels and fishing quotas becoming more concentrated. However, this small village has undergone some remarkable transformation in the past years, starting with being home to the first microbrewery in Iceland, which opened in 2006 followed by the opening of the Beer Spa in 2017. Now Árskógssandur is a must-visit destination for anyone travelling through the north of Iceland, offering whale watching tours, restaurant, hotel, Beer Spa and guided tours through the Kaldi Brewery.

Explore the natural beauty of Árskógssandur: Hiking trails and family-friendly adventure awaits!

Árskógssandur offers close connection to nature and here you’ll find varieties of hiking trails. We highly recommend taking a walk on the hiking path that passes through the forest and leads to the waterfall of Þorvaldsdalsá, situated right above Árskógssandur. Additionally, there is an open outdoor area that families can enjoy with plenty of activities for children, including a giant bouncing mattress, swings, trampoline, seesaw, slide and more.