Kaldi Brewery – Iceland’s first microbrewery

Discover Iceland’s first microbrewery offering guided tours and tasting of the local Kaldi beer.

While in Árskógssandur, a visit to Kaldi Brewery is an essential part for beer enthusiasts and those who are eager to learn about the beer culture in Iceland.

Guided Tours Through Iceland’s First Micro Brewery

 Kaldi Brewery offers guided tours where you will walk through the brewery, enjoy a taste of their fantastic selection of high quality beers while learning about their history and their brewing traditions.

Kaldi Brewery’s Inspiring Journey as Iceland’s First Microbrewery

Kaldi Brewery was founded in 2006 by a local couple named Agnes and Ólafur. The brewery is truly a pioneer in its field as it’s the first microbrewery in Iceland. The idea behind the company was born in June 2005 while Agnes was watching the news when noticing a growth in popularity among microbreweries in Denmark. The idea of microbrewery was completely unknown here in Iceland at that time as there were only two mass-producing breweries. Agnes was completely sold on this idea and with a lot of hard work and many adversities, Kaldi Brewery opened its doors in September 2006, marking the beginning of its brewing journey.

Kaldi Brewery’s Dedication to High-Quality Local Beer

Their primary goal has always been to make a high-quality beer using the best ingredients possible. That’s why they exclusively source all their ingredients from the Czech Republic. However, they add a local touch by using Icelandic water that comes from a spring in Sólarfjall mountain, right above Árskógssandur. The result is Kaldi, an Icelandic beer brewed according to the Czech tradition, with no pasteurization, no added sugar and no preservatives. It’s all about delivering a high-quality brew that stays true to its origins.