The Beer SPA – Árskógssandur

Enjoy the ultimate beer experience as you soak in a wooden hot tub filled with local beer.

Perfect Way To Unwind and Relax after Whale Watching Tour

When in Árskógssandur, make sure to pay a visit to the Beer Spa – offering the beer baths, outside hot tubs and saunas – a truly unique experience found nowhere else in Iceland. After a successful whale watching tour, there’s no better way to unwind than by soaking in a wooden hot tub filled with local beer while enjoying a cold one in hand.

Beers in the Spa

How Does a Beer Bath Work?

Upon arrival at the Beer Spa, you’ll be shown to your private room where your beer bath awaits. Right next to the bath is a draft where you can pour yourself an ice-cold Kaldi beer from the Brewery right next to the Beer Spa. The bath experience is for 25 minutes, followed by a relaxing session of 25 minutes in the designated area. The beer bath is big enough to accompany two persons at the same time.

The Benefits of Beer Bath

The Beer Bath consists of local beer from the Kaldi Brewery, water, hops, yeast, beer oil and salts. The beer used is in its early stage of fermentation, resulting in a low pH that tightens your hair follicles and has a cleansing effect for both skin and hair. The brewers’ yeast is rich in Vitamin B, providing revitalizing effects for the skin and hair. The beer hops are abundant in antioxidants and alpha acids, which provide numerous benefits and are proven to have soothing and relaxing effects on muscles and the body. Additionally, the oils and minerals derived from hops contribute to their anti-inflammatory benefits and can assist in reducing the visibility of blood vessels on the skin. It’s recommended not to shower for the next 4 hours after the bath as it has a very revitalizing and softening effect on skin and hair.

Combo: Whales and Beer Spa

Discover the best of Árskógssandur and combine your Whale Watching tour with a visit to the Beer Spa

For more information, visit The Beer Spa website.